Cycle of Presentations in Nepal

Upon the invitation of H.E. Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche, the financial advisory and consultant teams gathered in Nepal where they conducted a number of presentations to invited guests of the general public, the government and the local press in Kathmandu, in Lumbini and in Butwal, the capital city of Rupandehi District (District No.5).

On behalf of the consultants, Sebastian Kettner-Chiu as the Project Architect and Qin Kai as the Chief Structural Engineer, ably supported by Project Manager Mr. Ng Lim Seng, presented the design of the Mahasiddha Sanctuary for Universal Peace, the design progress and construction programme to raise public awareness on how the pure vision of H.E. is becoming reality. Sarosh Pradhan of Nepalese architecture firm SPA added how the Monastery will use Nepali architectural principles, techniques and materials in a contemporary construction.

We would like to thank His Excellency Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel to be generously received in his audience and his kind words of support for the project.

Also, we would like to thank His Excellency Man Mohan Chaudhary, Mayor of Lumbini Sanskritik, for his attendance at our press conference in Lumbini and the generous support he expressed to the project and the team.

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