The Inauguration of the Foundations

The start of the Axis Mundi has already been established at 8 meters below the ground level in 2016.

In Rinpoche’s own words: “We are not building a Nepali temple. We are not building a Tibetan temple. We are not building a Thai, Japanese, or Vietnamese temple. We are building a temple that welcomes all people who are seeking for inner peace and comfort in their lives. We are building a sanctuary where all Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike can come together and feel at home. This is my vision for the great sanctuary in Lumbini”

Axis Mundi

The Axis Mundi is the perpendicular axis on the surface of the earth symbolizing the meditational ascent towards complete enlightenment and Buddhahood.

A pot with precious stones, mantras and blessings has been inserted through a metal tube at the exact middle point of the sanctuary. This establishes the start at the axis mundi later culminating into the spire on top of the sanctuary. Connecting the world of desire with the formless world and pointing towards striving for the Bodhisattva ideal.

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