About the Peace Sanctuary
In 1967, His Excellency U Thant, the Third Secretary General of the United Nations, himself a Buddhist, visited Lumbini and was moved by the site’s profound significance. He went on to propose the development of Lumbini as a major center of pilgrimage for peace lovers around the world.

In 1985, the Lumbini Development Trust was established to carry out the implementation of this master plan, including the construction of monasteries from around the world. The land directly adjacent to the Sacred Garden where the Buddha was born had remained undeveloped, until 2013 when this most perfect parcel of land was entrusted to His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche for the Mahasiddha Sanctuary Project. The sanctuary’s design transcends religion, culture, race, and nationality. It will serve as a focal point for everyone to channel their energies towards the great purpose of universal harmony and happiness.

World Leaders in Peace
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