How much of my donation will go toward building the peace sanctuary?

100% of your donation will go toward building the Universal Peace Sanctuary in Lumbini, Nepal.

How will my money support the local community in Lumbini?

We will be a conduit to connect Lumbini to the outside world, creating opportunities, resources, employing and supporting the local community.

Where can I find resources on internal peace?

The Universal Peace Sanctuary is dedicated to sharing teachings and resources on peace. Clickhere to visit our Resources page.

Is the Universal Peace Sanctuary only for Buddhists?

No, the Universal Peace Sanctuary is an inclusive organization for all people, believers and non believers alike, regardless of religion, color or creed.

Why are you building a physical structure?

The vision of the Universal Peace Sanctuary is to bring people together to work toward reconciliation. When people come together face-to-face, there is a greater opportunity for peace. In addition, the actual building site is a sacred place, as the birthplace of Buddha.

Where will my donation go?

The Universal Peace Sanctuary is supported by Rangrig Yeshe, Inc., a non profit organization in the United States, and Wrenching Gongzhu International Foundation in Hong Kong, China.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Please contact us to see if your donation qualifies for tax deduction in the US and/or Hong Kong SAR.

Are there other ways to donate than online?

Yes, please contact us if you would like to make a larger donations or sponsor a space.

I live outside of the USA and HK, can I still donate?

Yes, please contact us for international wiring instructions to either Rangrig Yeshe Inc. or Wencheng Gongzhu International Foundation.